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Schneider Wiser-single channel Curtain Controller

Schneider Wiser-single channel Curtain Controller

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Key Features:

  • Roller Curtains: The system supports automation for roller curtains, offering convenient control over opening and closing operations.
  • Venetian Blinds: It provides automation functionality for Venetian blinds, allowing users to adjust the slats for light control and privacy with ease.
  • Motorized Drapes and Blackout Curtains: Users can automate motorized drapes and blackout curtains, enabling effortless opening and closing for light regulation and privacy.
  • Skylights: The system facilitates automation for skylights, allowing users to remotely open or close them, enhancing ventilation and lighting control.
  • Motorized Gates: It supports automation for motorized gates, enabling convenient operation for entry and exit, enhancing security and convenience.
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