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Atelier Lumys Joolie 46 Hanging Lamp

Atelier Lumys Joolie 46 Hanging Lamp

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The Joolie hanging lamp thanks to its particular handmade origami folding gives the required strength to the lamp, still allowing it to be very lightweight. When the Joolie lampshade is turned off, the daylight showcases shades and facets, while turned on the trimming work leaves its volumetric perception unchanged. The metal part which complement the top seems to continue along the shade thanks to trimming work which frame the design and the pleated parts, resulting in a timeless and elegant designer light. Available in white poplin with a white, black or red metal top. Whatever colour you choose the result is a timeless and elegant design. The Joolie hanging lamp will bring a brilliant energy into any space. Free shipping all over India

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